San Antonio park police shoot, kill man who tried to take officer’s gun during struggle, Chief McManus says


A man was fatally shot by a San Antonio Park Police officer after a struggle ensued on the West Side near Elmendorf Lake Park, adjacent to Our Lady of the Lake University. The incident, relayed by SAPD Chief William McManus, occurred in the 3400 block of Buena Vista.

The deceased, identified as a man in his late 20s, was confronted by officers initially responding to a disturbance involving a couple at the park. When one officer arrived, the man fled the scene, seeking refuge in a nearby house’s backyard. A physical confrontation ensued as the officer attempted to make an arrest, leading to a struggle between the two.

In an effort to subdue the man, a second officer arrived and tried to use a stun gun, but it proved ineffective, according to McManus. Amidst the scuffle, the man made an attempt to wrestle the officer’s gun away, prompting the officer to call for backup.

Subsequently, the second officer discharged their firearm, resulting in the man’s immediate death at the scene, McManus reported. The deceased had four outstanding warrants, including one related to a previous incident where he allegedly tried to seize an officer’s firearm.

No identities for the officers or the deceased have been disclosed, and McManus emphasized that the information provided is preliminary and could be subject to change pending further investigation.

On Sunday afternoon, Henry Bassuk, the president of the Park Police Officers Association, released the following statement:

“This morning our Park Police officer encountered a worst-case scenario and had to draw and use their weapon to defend a fellow officer in a life and death struggle with a criminal. A man, with several outstanding warrants, was shot and killed on site. Sadly, this is no longer a unique situation in San Antonio. Time and time again we see criminals with multiple warrants consistently committing crimes and endangering the lives of citizens and law enforcement. It’s well past time our City and County leaders, specifically District Attorney Joe Gonzales, step up and end this cycle of law breaking, bail, warrants, and more law breaking. Criminals belong in jail.

We are grateful for the training and knowledge of our Park Police team and for this officer who followed procedure and saved a fellow law enforcement officer. Park Police are working across our community, side by side with SAPD, to protect our City and we are grateful for their swift action today!”

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