‘Nothing short of a miracle’ | New video shows how Park Police officer halted active shooter at San Antonio Airport


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The San Antonio Police Department unveiled surveillance footage from the April 15 incident at the San Antonio Airport, showcasing an encounter between an active shooter, 46-year-old Joe Gomez, and San Antonio Park Police officer John Maines. The video portrays Gomez driving against traffic at the airport, exiting his vehicle, and indiscriminately firing at the terminal and nearby vehicles. Officer Maines responded by firing nonlethal shots at Gomez, who, after being struck, retreated to his vehicle, eventually fatally shooting himself.

The released video depicts the chaotic scene with pedestrians taking cover, vehicles fleeing, and Gomez continuously shooting while Officer Maines confronts him. Chief William McManus described Maines’ swift action, highlighting the officer’s attempts to halt the shooter’s rampage, ultimately preventing further casualties. Despite Gomez’s self-inflicted fatal injury, aside from a lone individual sustaining a sprained ankle, no additional injuries were reported during the airport lockdown and subsequent police investigation.

McManus praised Officer Maines for his actions, emphasizing the significance of preventing a potential mass casualty situation given the shooter’s extensive ammunition and aggressive behavior. Moreover, the police suspected Gomez was involved in an earlier shooting incident on a highway overpass based on matching descriptions and identical shell casings found at both scenes.

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