Meet the first female lieutenant of the San Antonio Park Police


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Heather Colley embarked on a law enforcement career straight out of high school, dedicating two decades to the profession. Recently, she achieved a historic milestone in the San Antonio Park Police, becoming their first female lieutenant after 15 years with the force. Having worked in various divisions since 2008, Colley expressed surprise at her rapid promotion, acknowledging her growth and tenure within the department.

Reflecting on her groundbreaking achievement, Colley aspires to inspire other women to follow in her footsteps, aspiring to be a role model and a supportive leader. Despite not initially envisioning herself in a leadership role, she aims to foster a team-oriented environment in her new position overseeing the River Walk Patrol Division. Colley’s primary goal is to boost morale among her colleagues and establish an open-door policy to address any issues collectively.

With a simple yet resolute message, Colley encourages young girls and women interested in law enforcement to take the leap, emphasizing the importance of starting early. Meanwhile, the San Antonio Park Police, where Colley serves, seeks to fill 40 positions, actively recruiting new members to join their ranks.

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