Honoring Bravery: Officer John Maines Awarded ‘Officer of the Year’ for Halting Airport Shooter


In a remarkable acknowledgment of valor and bravery, San Antonio Park Police Officer John Maines has been conferred with the prestigious ‘Officer of the Year’ award for his remarkable service during the harrowing events of April 15th.

Last year, Officer Maines, an 11-year veteran of the force, found himself on duty at the airport when a tense situation unfolded. Joe Gomez, a 46-year-old gunman, recklessly drove in the wrong direction onto the lower level, initiating a terrifying scenario by opening fire upon arrival.

Officer Maines, displaying exceptional courage and quick thinking, swiftly engaged in gunfire with Gomez, successfully hitting him twice. Despite these non-fatal wounds, Gomez, after being injured by Officer Maines, tragically turned the weapon on himself.

The commendable actions of Officer Maines during this crisis prevented what could have escalated into a catastrophic active shooter situation. Chief William McManus hailed Officer Maines as a hero, emphasizing the potential severity of the threat, as Gomez had been armed with a .45 caliber handgun and a substantial amount of ammunition. McManus lauded Maines for saving numerous lives that could have otherwise been lost during the incident.

Presented by the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, the ‘Officer of the Year’ award stands as a testament to Officer Maines’ exceptional dedication, bravery, and commitment to safeguarding the community in the face of grave danger.

This recognition not only honors Officer Maines’ courageous actions but also serves as a reminder of the selflessness and unwavering commitment exhibited by law enforcement officers, ensuring public safety in critical situations. The community extends its gratitude and admiration to Officer Maines for his valor and unwavering service, exemplifying the true spirit of law enforcement’s dedication to protecting and serving the public.

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